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By specializing in the financial services industry, Penn Hill Associates has knowledge of the hidden reservoir of people who are so often unavailable to any one company. These are professionals who do not answer classified advertisements, random calls from corporate recruiters or post resumes on the internet.

Many of these people have been known by Penn Hill Associates for years and we have seen them progress through their careers. As a result of this source of nominators and potential candidates, we are better equipped to identify people with prior industry experience and the precise talents that our clients require.


Penn Hill has been recruiting in the Financial Services, Mortgage Banking, Consumer Finance and Auto Finance industries since 1976.  We do no internet recruiting. That means we are not competing with your staff recruiters who use Monster and other internet job boards to identify potential candidates. We have a “tried and true” system of validating a candidates credentials and usually have the ability to get references from persons “known to us” regarding newly introduced candidates. Our data base consists of over 20,000 persons at all levels in our niche businesses. With a cadre of over 4,000 current resumes on file and an intimate knowledge of our candidates “hopes, dreams and aspirations”, we are usually well equipped to hit the ground running on most our assignments.

Mike Flowe first joined Penn Hill Associates in 1998. Mike has over 30 years of experience with a variety of national and regional lenders. In 2006 he was promoted to the Managing Director of Operations.

Tim Harrelson
joined Penn Hill in 1996 with over 15 years in the financial services industry as President and COO. In 2003 Tim became the sole stock owner in Penn Hill Associates and serves today as President and Chief Executive Officer.

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